About Besbubs

Hello and welcome to Besbubs. We are an Australian family business that exists to dial down the stress and mess that comes with meal and play time for babies and toddlers.

As a Mumma myself I struggled to find a feeding smock bib that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I settled for something second best.

After countless meal times where my son’s clothes would end up filthy and stained (despite wearing said smock), I decided to create my own - one that was Sebastian proof, meaning, he couldn’t twist it around, pull it up over his face or play with it. It also had to be Mummy approved, meaning, absolutely no in your face colours or loud prints.

Here at Besbubs, our smocks are designed to be unisex, featuring neutral colours and designs perfect for any bub from ages four months to three years of age (give or take). 

I hope these smock bibs take away the stress of mess at meal and play time while also lessening the [washing] load just a little bit for all of you busy parents out there.

Thanks for being here. It honestly means the world.

Love GG (Georgia) xx

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